travelmentary TV is the new brand in the trip report sphere

Yesterday was a big day for my Youtube channel – as well as for all other platforms that I use to present my productions. “The Jetstreamer Travel Reports” is discontinued as my Youtube brand, from now on “travelmentary TV” is the new name for all my travel-related acitivities.

This step comes as part of a bigger plan to make my channel future-proof and to expand the activities of my brand to a new level.

Why change the name?

First of all the old name “The Jetstreamer” was chosen at a time, when I couldn’t foresee the magnitude of the videos that I produce. In fact, the channel was opened as a purely private project without the intention to gain many subscribers and a huge amount of views. Now, one year later, the channel has over 130.000 views and there are more than 650 wonderful loyal subscribers that share their thoughts, discuss the videos – that care about the content. And both numbers are going up every day.

This is certainly a great motivation to create more stuff. But as the channel grows, I think the old name doesn’t fit the content any more. After I changed it quickly to “The Jetstreamer Travel Reports” in January, it became clear that this name is far too long and not memorable. Also it doesn’t describe accurately what this channel is about.

Hence after long evaluation, after carefully considering the present and future content I came to one conclusion: This channel is about travel first and formemost. And the way I create the videos goes into the direction of a documentary: I make voiceovers, I create animations, I compose custom music for the videos. Recently I even did interviews at ITB in Berlin. So what started as mute and shaky stuff, became real productions, with the aspiration to deliver entertaining high quality travel videos to the subscribers and viewers on Youtube as well as on other platforms.

What does the new name stand for?

Travel and documentary forms travelmentary and that neologism describes what I’m doing. These are the elementary ingredients of what I am doing. I added TV to make clear that it’s about video content for the most part, even on my blog I want every travel-related post to come with a video.

“travelmentary TV” is a brand that I am ready to develop further. The transformation will take place on all platforms that I use, Youtube is only the beginning. It may take a few weeks, but eventually the URL of this blog will change, my acitivities on Instagram as well as on Twitter will also be continued under the new name.

I want to point out that it goes beyond the new name. There will be new content that has never been shown before. New exciting trip reports, hotel reviews and yes, actual travel documentaries.

I am looking forward to share all these new videos with you under a fresh new name, that will set standards in the trip report and travel video niche: travelmentary TV.

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