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My First Documentary Style Video

Documentary Style Video
My first documentary style video

Allow me to give you a short update on the next video, which will be a special one. Not only it will be the 50th video on my Youtube channel, but also it will represent a new format that I want to establish on my channel: Aerial Sightseeing – (City). In this innovative format I will combine the 3D animations that you guys love with a documentary style approach. I will tell you what you see, you will here stories about the places we pass – so essentially you will feel as if you have traveled with me and hopefully you will leave the plane more informed than when you boarded it ;-).

As this new video format is extremely complex to make, I needed quite some time to realize it. Creating the videos on a 30+ minute video is time consuming, but rewarding, the same applies to the research on the locations and the music that, as always, I compose myself.

Next weekend, May 24-26, I will release it and I count on your support!

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