Maritim at Düsseldorf Airport – Hotel review

Maritim Düsseldorf

Back in November I stayed at the Maritim at Düsseldorf airport hotel right at the airport and made a video about it. Here are my thoughts about the hotel. Below you also find a video roomtour.

Maritim Düsseldorf Airport Room Tour | Bonus video


It is located next to the airport, however this does not mean you can access the hotel directly from the terminal. You have to walk a little bit, maybe 300 meters, but still you are right next to the airport. Also there are signs in the airport building showing you where to go to find it.

You can see on my KLM Düsseldorf to Amsterdam video how far you have to go.

The room

The room was clean and quiet. The only problem was the control of the air conditioning system – it just didn’t work. So the room became very hot I couldn’t do much about it apart from switching it off and opening the window. But at least there was a window that you could open. My room was located above the atrium. As a result, it was very quiet there, I didn’t hear any aircraft noise.

Other than that there is not much else to say about the hotel room. The bed was okay, although a prefer a Kingsize bed with one mattress. In the Maritim at Düsseldorf Airport they have to single mattresses instead and so there is a gap between them.

Conclusion – how good is the Maritim at Düsseldorf airport?

I can only judge what I have seen and used. And that was good overall. The rooms in the Maritim at Düsseldorf airport weren’t special, but they were very quiet and that’s really important, especially when you’re next to one of Germany’s busiest airports. Also, it is not far away from the terminal, just a very short walk. So all things considered, I think I would stay there again.