KLM 747-400 Combi from Amsterdam to New York in Business Class

Back in December I was flying with KLM from Amsterdam to New York in the KLM 747-400 Combi. As always, I recommend to watch the video to get a better impression of the experience. Here I will write down some thoughts that I couldn’t express in the video.

KLM Boeing 747-400 Combi | Business Class | Lower Deck | Amsterdam - New York JFK

The lounge

First of all, the lounge – which is called KLM Crowne Lounge – is certainly one of the better ones that I have visited. It is very large and features a lot of different areas just to sit down, to work and even to smoke. The food selection is decent, but it is less compared to that of Etihad in Abu Dhabi for example.

Boarding was difficult for me, because I was among the “lucky” ones that had to undergo a special security check, which took very long. But those airport employees were very polite and security is important.

Because of that I was one of the last passengers that entered the plane. The crew was very kind, both when greeting and throughout the flight.

One of the few single seats

I had seat 4A on the lower deck. I reserved it long before, as this is one of the very few single seats on this plane and hence giving the passenger direct aisle access. The latter is very important for me. I don’t like to climb over other people. I think that we should overcome this finally, it’s 2018! Anyway, this seat was very good both for sitting and sleeping later. If you are traveling alone, make sure you reserve it! I think 1A is a single seat, too, but you better check that on that famous site called Seatguru.

The flight itself was very relaxing for me. The food was great and the service provided by the flight attendants was excellent. Of course they noticed that I was filming during the flight, but were totally cool about it and we had a little chat about my Youtube Channel.

The KLM 747-400 Combi – a legend

The KLM 747-400 Combi is a pretty special plane. As the name suggests, it is a combinations of a passenger and a cargo plane. Unfortunately, KLM plans to retire the 747-400 over the next few years. So this was a great opportunity for me to fly with the KLM 747-400 Combi. The business class cabin looked very new, well, it was retrofitted not so long ago. Of course, you can see that the 747 is not the youngest plane, for example in the lavatories and the galley, but as I mentioned the cabin looked great and was pretty calm.


Overall, this was a very enjoyable flight. The KLM 747-400 Combi is a great plane, the business class product was convincing and the people working at KLM were amazing. I relaxed and enjoyed the luxury of flying in KLM’s business class