Delta Boeing 737-900ER First Class from New York to Punta Cana

Delta 737-900ER First Class

Once again, in this post I want to comment my flight with the Delta 737-900ER First Class from New York to Punta Cana. As always, I created a video that I recommend to watch, you find it right below. In this article I just want to add some additional thoughts and remarks.

Delta 737-900ER First Class | How good is it? New York - Punta Cana

Delta Lounge at JFK

Now I have already been to a different lounge at JFK at a different concourse. The good news here: This one is much newer and in better shape than the other one. I also noticed that the selection of food was quite decent for a lounge in the US.

One thing I dislike about this lounge is the fact, that there are only paper/plastic plates to get your food. I already understood that airlines from the US have a strange love for plastics, but that doesn’t change my opinion: Get rid of that!

PLEASE NOTE: It seems that with a regular business/first class ticket from JFK you don’t get access to the Skyclub lounge at JFK. At least that is what I learned from a comment on Youtube. I could enter, but my ticket was actually from DUS to PUJ.

The flight

The flight itself was good, the seats were comfortable and the food tasted well. The IFE offered a decent amount of movies and music. Have no reason to complain about anything. For a short haul flight everything was more than okay. However, I prefer the cabin design of AA, however that’s not a question of quality, but a matter of taste.

Conclusion – how good is the Delta 737-900ER First Class?

Everything – from the lounge to the seat – was good. There was nothing astonishing, just what you would expect, but it was there. So how do I rate the Delta 737-900ER First Class? I would give a thumb up!