Etihad 787-9 Business Class | Düsseldorf-Abu Dhabi

Back in May, I flew from Düsseldorf, Germany to Singapore in the Etihad 787-9 business class. In essence there were two flights, one from Düsseldorf to Abu Dhabi and a connecting flight from there to Singapore.

Here is my video about the first part of that trip:

Etihad Business Class Boeing 787-9 | Düsseldorf - Abu Dhabi | Trip report 2017

Although the video is quite detailed (at least in my view), I would like to take the oppurtunity to outline some more things I noticed about the Etihad 787-9 business class.

Some more details

First of all the lounge at Düsseldorf area: As you can see in the video it is nothing special and a bit dark. The interior is dated and certainly could use some refurbishing. The personnel was very friendly and the lounge was clean.

Once I was in the plane, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. The Etihad 787-9 business class is, in my opinion, one of the best business class products out there. Both the hard product as well as the service by the highly commited crew were simply more than the word great can describe. Also the service was consistently good on all the following flights with Etihad airways.

Even though I had a backward facing seat close to the aisle, privacy was good. A plastic slider on the side increased it even further. The seat was very comfortable for sleeping, but there was some hard part in it, that I found a bit uncomfortable. It was probably the “joint” of the seat. That being said, you can make the seat harder and softer, so you can diminish that problem to some degree. The length of the seat was ok, but Iberia’s seat was better in that regard, as far as I remember it.

Eat when you want!

The dine on demand concept is a significant upgrade compared to other airlines, where you have to eat at a specific time. Apart from that Etihad does not use the classic hostess trolley, instead the flight attendants bring the food to you like in a restaurant.

Etihad 787-9 business class

Main course in the Etihad 787-9 business class

On this flight the purser greeted me by name.

My conclusion

Overall it was a very enjoyable flight and I really like the Etihad 787-9 business class.

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