The ÖBB Nightjet in Single Deluxe – Sleeper train from Munich to Milan

Nightjet Bed

Last year, I had the chance to test a train service that I have wanted to try for a long time – the Austrian ÖBB Nightjet in Single Deluxe. As always, I made a video about it on Youtube, which I recommend watching. Here I will outline my additional thoughts on this train service.

First things first, the Nightjet is a somewhat unusual phenomenon – why would an Austrian train go from Germany to Italy? The answer is, Germany’s railway operator DB decided to get rid of that product a couple of years ago, because they said it is too expensive and a money-burner. The Austrian railway company ÖBB jumped in, bought the trains – and today the trains are a money maker.

Watch my trip report about the ÖBB Nightjet in Single Deluxe

Lounge access included? Not included? Who Knows!

However that arrangement obviously comes with some questions – for instance, if you book the highest booking class, the Deluxe Sleeper, you would expect that you can enter a lounge at the station, right? Well, technically you can, but there is contradicting info on that. What I have heard after speaking to both DB, that operates the lounge and ÖBB, that operates the train service, is that you can only enter if your ticket specifically states first class. If you book the ticket at ÖBB, they don’t use that terminology though. So the DB customer support told me I can’t enter. If you book the ticket through DB, you can. Now that’s confusing. Even more so, as DB says otherwise in their online forums.

Why the ÖBB Nightjet in Single Deluxe may help you save money

Anyway, what is the experience overall? I would say pretty convincing, although the ÖBB Nightjet trains aren’t the newest, they are appear clean and in good shape. On my trip though, the toilet in my cabin did not work. The staff was very helpful and did their best to find a solution by offering me another accommodation. Unfortunately, I experienced the same problem there – until it disappeared for some reason. So the trains have some downsides, but all things considered I would choose it again. The thing is, you save money, because by using an overnight train you combine your train ride with an accommodation – so no hotel is needed. Another great advantage is the fact you arrive relaxed on the next morning and can go on and experience the city. Even more so, because a breakfast is included in the ticket price of the ÖBB Nightjet.

So when you arrive in Milan, you’re ready to explore the city or to continue your journey! You could take a ride with the Frecciarossa 1000 for example :)-).