About this Channel

Hi, I’m the person behind travelmentary TV. Traveling is a passion of mine – I love everything about it, from planning the trips to actually making them. Some time ago I started to film some of my trips, mainly for my family and myself to have something to look back. Eventually I started uploading to Youtube. I was quite astonished when I saw how many people watched my videos, so I thought, okay, let’s make more and better videos! So my channel was born, first called The Jetstreamer Travel Reports. Eventually I changed the name to travelmentary TV, reflecting the nature of the videos I produce – documentary style travel reports.

Since then I have professionalized the way I create the videos – more animations, more details, better video quality and music created by myself.

Creating Youtube videos is just a hobby that I enjoy. My everyday life is very busy, I have several jobs and a career in the medical field that I pursue. So sometimes I’m just not able to release videos frequently, because I have to do other stuff. Nevertheless, I want you to watch the very best videos that I can make and I am very grateful for my over 2000 subscribers and 500,000 views on Youtube.

Thanks again, enjoy the videos and my blog!

Christian from travelmentary TV