Miami From Above – Aerial Sightseeing with Miami Plane Tours

When I was in Miami last year, I decided to get an overview of the city and rented a plane to discover the area. The company of choice was Miami Plane Tours, which is located at North Perry Airport in the city of Pembroke Pines, just North of Miami. Of course I filmed that flight. In fact, I created so much video material, that editing took a loooong time. Even more so, because I added my usual animations to the footage to make it more immersive.

You can find the video right below:

Exploring Miami and Key Biscayne with Miami Plane Tours

In this text I want to add a few words about my experience. So first things first, Miami Plane Tours was a fantastic choice for me – I wanted to book a group flight at first, however, on that cloudy day, there were no other passengers. But I wanted to fly anyway, so we discussed a route and a fair price in my opinion. The pilot and his colleague were both very polite and from the first moment I felt very comfortable on board.

The plane we’re talking about, was a Cessna 172N. It’s also known as the “Skyhawk”. The pilot knew a lot about the places we were seeing. Whenever he was able to, he could give you some interesting details about the places we passed. Although the weather wasn’t the nice and we had some crosswinds, the pilot managed to keep the plane stable. That way I could record a lot of calm footage, which you can see in the video above.

Why to explore Miami on a plane?

Experiencing Miami from the air is a great experience. Being the most Caribbean of the major US cities, it has a very special atmosphere, that you can really catch from the air. There’s just so much variety – the Skyscrapers of Sunny Isles Beach, the Art Deco houses at the Ocean drive, the gigantic mansions of the many superstars that decided to have a home in Miami. If you ask me exploring a city with a plane is always special and worth it, because you can’t get that perspective on a city from anywhere else than a plane or a helicopter.

The bottom line of my flight with Miami Plane Tours

So I enjoyed my trip with Miami Plane Tours, it was worth every penny. When I come back to Miami, I’ll make sure to make another tour!