Delta A320-200 First Class from Punta Cana to Atlanta [Video]

Delta A320-200

In this article I am going to write about my travel experience in the Delta A320-200 First Class. Back in December I had the chance to test it on a flight from Punta Cana to Atlanta. More than that, I was able to visit the VIP Lounge at Punta Cana airport via my Priority Pass membership.

As always, I recommend to watch the video below to get an impression. Here I just have some additional thoughts.

Delta A320-200 First Class | Is it worth it? | Punta Cana to Atlanta

The Lounge

First of all, the lounge at Punta Cana Airport has nothing to do with Delta and the First Class ticket. This means that you can’t access it with your airline ticket. Instead, you can access it with a Priority Pass membership or against a cash payment of 50$. The latter is so much, that I wouldn’t do that as the lounge is not really special. It’s ok for a short stay before the flight. The food selection is pretty small, but everything looked decent. Also I noticed that the lounge was very crowded.

Btw, they build a spectacular new lounge at PUJ with an infinity pool that is located towards the airfield. It will open in December and hopefully, I’ll be able to visit and show it to you.

Delta Airbus A320-200 compared to the Boeing 737-900ER

I came to Punta Cana in Delta’s 737-900ER, also in First Class. The first thing you’ll notice in the Delta A320-200 First Class is the fact that there are no entertainment screens in the backrest. Instead, you can access a media library with the Gogo Inflight App. I tested it and it worked fine. Nevertheless, I prefer a real Inflight Entertainment System. The seats were okay, but could offer more comfort in my view.

Onboard service

Foodwise, well, I got a sandwich, which tasted good, but was far from special. The service though was nice, the flight attendants were motivated and kind. So overall I’d say I enjoyed the flight.


My experience in the Delta A320-200 First Class was okay, there was nothing special, but everything was alright. There’s not much room for complaints, but also not for compliments. So it was average, but average in a good way (although that doesn’t make sense, because average is average :D).

Anyway, thanks for reading. I would be very happy if you would come back to this blog. More content coming regularly!