Delta Boeing 777-200ER in Business Class from Atlanta to Amsterdam [VIDEO]

Delta One Business Class Boeing 777-200ER

In December 2017, I flew with the Delta Boeing 777-200ER in Business Class from Atlanta to Amsterdam. Once again, I created a video, which you can find on Youtube/below.

As always I recommend to watch the video, while in the following article I’ll add some additional thoughts:

Delta Boeing 777-200ER | Would you book it? Delta One Business Class | Atlanta to Amsterdam

Atlanta – the world’s busiest airport

My flight actually started in Punta Cana in the beautiful Dominican Republic. After arrival at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, I had to switch the terminal to go to the F gates. Therefore I used the “Plane Train”. Everything went surprisingly smooth despite the fact, that this airport is the busiest worldwide.

The Delta Sky Club

The lounge is quite spacious, nevertheless I found it pretty crowded. The food selection is decent in my view, if you compare it with other airline lounges in the US. There is one thing though, that may seem unimportant, but I find Delta should change that for the sake of the appearance of their business class product: Those paper/plastic plates are something that you would associate with a fast food restaurant and not with a business class lounge. Well, Delta’s Skyclubs teach you otherwise.

On board

The seats onboard the Delta Boeing 777-200ER in Business Class are arranged in a 1-2-1 herringbone configuration. This means you have direct aisle access wherever you are seated. The only downside is, that you are somewhat exposed to the aisle. Keep in mind that Delta plans to replace this seat on the Boeing 777 with the Delta One Suite that is already used on their A350.

The service by the flight attendats was close to perfect. If only it were consistent across the airline.

The IFE system wasn’t the newest. The touch capable screen was small, but adjustable.

One of the highlights was the amenity kit by TUMI, which resembled a small suitcase filled with all kinds of useful things that you can see in the video.

The seat can be converted to a fully flat bed and with the blanket coming from Westin, it wasn’t difficult to fall asleep.

The Delta Boeing 777-200ER in Business Class – Conclusion

I’ll be honest: I have had some experiences with Delta in the past that were certainly memorable, but not always in a positive way. This one however, was really good. Most importantly, the crew did a terrific job. Although the seat wasn’t the newest, I still find it competitive, mainly because you get direct aisle access, something I consider of importance. The food, you’ll see it in the video was equally good.

Basically I see two minor trouble spots – the paper plates at the lounge and the seat, which could use a bit more privacy.