Heathrow Express in Business First – the most luxurious airport train?

Heathrow Express London

When I was in London earlier this year to test the direct inaugural Eurostar train to Amsterdam, I needed to go from Heathrow airport to London Paddington. And guess what – the Heathrow Express does exactly that.

So I bought myself a ticket online, well in advance, and was already a bit astonished: over 30$ for a short train ride? Well, it was business first, the highest booking class, but anyway, they better deliver I thought. As always, I created a video about this train ride.

The most luxurious airport train? Heathrow Express | Business First | Terminal 5 to Paddington

How comfortable is the Heathrow express?

They did deliver. It was very easy to reach the Heathrow Express railway station from the terminal. It is a very modern place and the train fits to this picture: the British Rail Class 332 looked new. Once you board the Heathrow Express, you will immediately understand, that for an airport train, the luxury that the Business First Class offers is quite exceptional. Wonderfully comfortable seats, enough space for baggage, a selection of newspapers and magazines, privacy and a Wifi internet connection – you will have to search for a long time to find something like it. However, well, the price is still too high. I mean, for 30-45 € you can get a highspeed train ride in some other countries.

What about other airport trains?

Compared to other airport trains, such as the Leonardo Express in Rome, the ticket price seems to come from outer space. However, this is luxury and if you want to have an airport trian with TV screens that show you the news, that will cost. So after all, I’m happy there is the Heathrow Express. Let’s not forget that many airports, even bigger ones, simply don’t have any train to the city. So I guess, the best way to forget about the high ticket price, is to just enjoy the ride.