Landing at Snowy Zurich Airport with the Swiss Bombardier CS100

Hi, let me just share some footage of my landing with the Swiss Bombardier CS100 at the snowy Zurich Airport on Sunday, December 10, 2017.

Swiss Bombardier CS100

That’s the Swiss Bombardier CS100 waiting at the gate

I came from Milano and we actually had to fly some circles before landing, as the runway had to be cleaned from all the snow coming down. But by the time we landed, it looked totally white again :-). The landscape during this landing was amazing – and so was the plane. It was my first flight in the Swiss Bombardier CS100, I enjoyed it a lot! You can literally feel that the plane is hightech all over. I especially noticed the huge windows, the incredibly good-looking seats and the small screens above each seat. My seat was in business class and Swiss did a damn good job even on a short flight like this. More on that in the upcoming report.

Full Bombardier Swiss Bombardier CS100 report coming soon

This was just my first impression and I am going to create a full flight report Youtube. Moreover, I’ll write a more detailed summary here on this blog. So stay tuned and enjoy the video!