United Airlines New Polaris Business Class [Video]

Earlier this year, I was on a flight from FRA to EWR in the United Airlines Polaris Business Class. In my case it was a Boeing 777-300ER, but actually United is retrofitting their existing fleet of 777-200s with this cabin as well. How was this flight experience?


Again I made a video on my Youtube Channel that I recommend watching, since I’m only posting some additional thoughts here:

United Airlines NEW POLARIS Business Class | Boeing 777-300ER | MY CLOUD Hotel | FRA -EWR


Anyway, to sum everything up, I think that the new cabin is a big step forward for United Airlines. It may not be a game changer, because actually there are other fantastic cabin products as well, but the new cabin certainly reflects how United Airlines and the competition are changing.

United Airlines Polaris Business Class: onboard experience

The good thing about the seat is that it’s comfortable, it can be converted to a good bed (with blankets coming from Saks Fifth Avenue!) and you have a reasonable amount of privacy. At the same time you have direct access to the aisle. Keep in mind, a lot of other airlines, including some Star Alliance members still don’t have that feature. This results in the need either climb over your neighbor or sitting at the aisle. Even in 2018 there are some major carriers offering such a cabin product! I will never understand that!

So from that side, the product is something passengers will like. The onboard service was nice as well, the crew was polite and obviously had a passion for their job.

The only real downside I have to mention is the food. I chose the second meal on the menu and to be honest it was not very convincing, although I tend to be easy to satisfy. It just didn’t look like it belonged to a business class product.


But other than that it was an enjoyable flight. I think that overall United offers a product that should be considered when booking Рbut only on routes served by planes that feature their new cabin. Would I fly with it again? Yes!

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